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Prices and Specifications Mitsubishi Mirage

Prices and Specifications Mitsubishi Mirage - Mitsubishi Mirage is type of car hatchback and it plans will be launched in Indonesia this year, and after good selling in Thailad mirage be visited Indonesia market in september 2012, in Thailand, Mitsubishi Mirage was already booked by 15 thousand units, while a new official car launched in late March. Prices and Specifications Mitsubishi Mirage.
Price Mitsubishi Mirage in Surabaya :  
Tipe GLX Manual       : Rp. 143,800,000
Tipe GLS Automatic   : Rp. 143,800,000
Tipe EXCEED Automatic   : Rp. 143,800,000

Specifications  and dimensions of length 3710 mm, width 1665 mm, height 1490 mm. . Mitsubishi Mirage using engine 1.2 liter and the system with continuously variable transmission (CVT), features audio, USB connection, turn on the engine (start engine button), and air bags (SRS airbags). Mitsubishi Mirage will sell in three variants, namely Mirage GLS A / T, GLX M / T, and Mirage Exceed A / T. Prices and Specifications Mitsubishi Mirage.

The fuel consumption is touching 22 km / liter. Machines capable of producing total output reached 78 PS at 6,000 rpm and peak torque of 100 Nm is available at 4,000 rpm.Some of the existing security system at this crossover is HID, SRS knee airbag, curtain airbags, Emergency Stop Signal System (ESS) that automatically flashes the blinker on sudden braking or use of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Time and Alarm Control System (ETACS). Prices and Specifications Mitsubishi Mirage

To improve driving comfort, technology has also Outander Active Stability Control (ASC). This feature detecting vehicle conditions and driving operations based on data from all types of sensors and Electronic Control Units (ECUs). He provides braking pressure and adjust engine torque corresponding to prevent slippage and unstable movements due to changes in steering direction suddenly lose traction or slippery surface. Then, there is also a Hill Start Assistance (HSA) an electronic parking brake that is able to detect and prevent the vehicle from moving backward when walking on slopes. Prices and Specifications Mitsubishi Mirage

With features stop-start and energy recovery system from braking or brake energy-recovery, gasoline consumption could be reduced so that it can reach 30 km per liter. Transmission car had automatic transmission configured P, R, N, D, Ds and L
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